Cleaning Process

With our custom designed cleaning equipment, climate controlled dry room, and our computerized rug tracking, we have utilized the most modern technology to meet the high standards our customers expect and deserve.


The first step in preparing your rug for cleaning is a thorough inspection. Each area rug is carefully hand inspected for tears, holes, dye fade, abrasions, pet contamination and areas that call for special cleaning attention. Furthermore, all rugs are tested for color fastness to ensure the dyes in the rugs will not bleed.


This is the most important step in the rug cleaning process. The rug duster gently removes loose soil, grit, dust mites, and allergens. Did you know that a standard 8×10 area rug can hold up to 90 pounds of dirt before it even looks dirty?

This step greatly improves the indoor air quality of your home and the health of your family. Also, having all the grit, soil, and dirt removed prevents your rug fibers from being cut and wearing out prematurely.

pre-conditioning and spotting

After the rug leaves the duster it is layed out and inspected for areas of special concern. All spots are pre-treated with special solutions designed to maximize chances of removal. The fringes are also pre-treated for maximum cleaning effectiveness.


During this step, the rug is gently scrubbed using a rotary brush and a specifically formulated shampoo which is Ph-balanced to protect the natural fibers of the rug while providing maximum cleaning effectiveness.

mor roll-a-jet flat bed rug washer

The rug is then transported through our Mor Roll-A-Jet flatbed area rug washer. This machine was specially made for Martin Carpet Cleaning, and designed to imitate and improve upon the traditional and most effective methods for area rug cleaning. The machine performs 4 steps:

First a specially-formulated detergent solution is applied under pressure.

Then soft rubber rollers, with a back and forth motion, gently agitate the soil out of the rug pile.

This is followed by a thorough cold water rinse.

The final step is the removal of excess water as the rug travels through two large rollers which act as “squeegees”.

controlled drying

After leaving the machine your rug is now dried in our state-of-the-art heat and humidity controlled drying tower. This step allows for rapid and controlled drying to preserve the strength and longevity of your rug.

final inspection

During this process, our expertly-trained inspector ensures that our stringent cleaning standards have been met. If our inspector discovers any issues, the rug is returned to be re-cleaned through the same process.