For a clean, fresh appearance and the most effective floor protection, Rental Service mats from Martin Facility Services are the best choice. Best because they protect your floors from over 80% of the soil that would be tracked in on shoe soles. And best because our Rental Service mats are regularly laundered using specialized washing equipment to remove built up soil and restore the mat’s attractive appearance.


Cost savings with less frequent floor cleaning, stripping and waxing.

Cost savings with less frequent vacuuming, cleaning and replacement of carpet.

Modern, attractive colors to match most color schemes.

Static dissipative…not only do our mats protect floors from dirt, they also protect sensitive electronic equipment from static electricity.

Protect against slip and fall accidents by keeping your floors clean and dry.

The widest selection of sizes available in Central Ohio to meet your specific floor mat needs.

Your only cost is a nominal rental service charge for our excellent floor mat rental service.


Martin Facility Services offers a variety of dust and wet mops to best meet your needs. Our dust and wet mop service will ensure you never have to worry about dirty unsanitary mops that only spread the dirt around. Our clean mops are delivered to you framed with an easy to use 360 degree swivel handle.

Did you know…
In 1890 when Martin Carpet Cleaning was established Eddie Rickenbacker, the American WWI fighter pilot, was born in Columbus.