Tile & Grout

Trust Martin Carpet Cleaning to restore the original clean beauty of your tile and grout with our professional state-of-the-art equipment. Our trained technicians pre-inspect your tile and grout to determine which cleaning process best fits your needs. The built up dirt and grime is then removed from your tile and grout by using a specially designed tool which gently and safely applies a high pressure heated solution while leaving your floor practically dry.

After cleaning, protect the clean look of your grout by having the experts at Martin clear or color seal your grout lines.


One of the many advantages of tile is its durability. Spills and other liquids cannot penetrate the tile surface thus making clean-up much easier. The grout between the tiles, however, is porous and can be easily stained or discolored without protection. Martin is able to provide this protection by applying either a clear or matching color seal to the grout after our professional cleaning. A variety of colors is available to match any décor. Not only will you love the new and refreshed look, you will also appreciate how much more effective regular cleaning becomes.

Let our expert technicians give your tile and grout a beautiful new look!

“They did a great job. They were clean and they were timely.”
– D. Rich